Why You Need a Scarborough Ultrasound Lab

A Scarborough ultrasound lab helps patients who have been told they need to have ultrasound imaging in order to diagnose, monitor or treat a condition.

What are Ultrasounds Used For?

Most commonly, ultrasounds are used to monitor the progress of a pregnancy, and can determine many things such as:

  • the approximate date of conception (thus being able to calculate the age of the baby and predict when it will be born),
  • to monitor the baby’s heartbeat,
  • to determine if there is more than one baby,
  • confirm that the placenta, uterus, ovaries and cervix are healthy, as well as;
  • the existence of any problems that the baby might have developmentally.

Ultrasounds also help specialists monitor internal organs within the body such as the thyroid, Breast, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and blood vessels and aid in investigating for any lumps or mass within the body.

How Does an Ultrasound work?

Ultrasound imaging is created from the echoes of high frequency sound waves that have passed through the body. Various parts of the body including organs and tissues can be evaluated using this type of technology. In addition to obstetric scans, Scarborough ultrasound labs also look at many more areas of the body from the thyroid to the prostate.

Where Do You Get an Ultrasound?

When an ultrasound is requested many people instinctively head to the hospital or to the clinic nearest their healthcare team’s location because they are not aware that there are many independent Scarborough ultrasound labs available to them. Independent Health Labs/facilities are out of Hospital premises set up by the Ministry of Health Ontario.

One such lab is renowned for continuously demonstrating their commitment to their patient’s well-being: Premier Diagnostic Network (PDXN). Ensuring the highest standard in facility staff and equipment, PDXN is affiliated with the University Health Network (Michener Institute), which teaches and trains their Imaging technologists.

3 convenient PDXN Xray and Ultrasound Lab Locations:

The Bellesmere Medical Diagnostic Centre is located at Bellamy Road and Ellesmere Road.
The Brimley Medical Diagnostic Centre can be found at Brimley Road and Sheppard Avenue.
The third location, the MarkSteeles Diagnostic Centre is situated at Markham Road and Steeles Avenue.

These locations serve not only Scarborough but the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas.

All of these locations offer evening and weekend appointment times in order to better accommodate your schedule. You can book an appointment in three ways:

  • Call,
  • Click (book online), or;
  • Walk in.

Most ultrasound appointments do not require any special preparation, but it is suggested that you wear loose comfortable clothing for either ease of access, or in the event you need to change into a gown.

PDXN offers comprehensive information on their website (pdxn.ca) about the various ultrasound procedures they can perform as well as corresponding direction in case there is anything you will need to do to prepare ahead of time.

Premier Diagnostic Network Is the Clear Choice for The Next Time You Find Yourself Looking at A Requisition for An Ultrasound.

Not only do they offer the best current equipment operated by Canadian certified professional technicians for your imaging requirements, and a state of the art facility with hospital grade cleaning and disinfection methods, PDXN also provide completely digitized results which are reviewed by Specialist Radiologists. This means that your healthcare team will receive your information in a timely fashion AND have around-the-clock access to your information online as it becomes available via the PDXN cloud-based storage system for data.

Fully Accredited by CorHealth Ontario. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Public Health Ontario and more, discover how PDXN can accommodate your Scarborough ultrasound lab needs today.